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Harota is a singer and songwriter from the tribe of Hadzabe/ Hadza, a minority group of Tanzanian’s inhabitants. With his debut album „Hadza King of Zeze” the CD is the first production of Hazabe’s music. The CD is supported by a documentary film about the tracking of Harota in the bush of Serengeti‘s plateau to Arusha city where he recorded sessions and performed his 1st stage gig. The artist sings and plays Mbira, which is well-known as Zeze in Tanzania. Usually, Zeze is not a traditional Hadzabe instrument and Harota is the first musician to fuse it, which made him the King of Zeze in his community. Through his songs he tells the stories of Hadzabe people and their way of life. More than that, his songs are educative and encouraging. Harota sings also about politics in songs like „Ujamaa” (African socialism encouraged by late president J.K. Nyerere) or “Tuwafichue”, a song against corruption. ¬†Please follow the links below for online purchases. Exclusive Packages available our online shop. The project is one of our many community work projects. In collaboration with IK foundation we produce this CD and DVD to rise awareness of Tanzania bushmen tribe of Hadzabe and income from the CD/ DVD, Streams and Downloads goes to the Hadza community.



Swahili Sound System Band is an acoustic music band, which writes and plays its own compositions of traditional Tanzanian tunes, such as “mdumange”, “sindimba”, “ukala” etc., fused with Cha-cha, rumba, afro beat and urban music like hip hop and reggae.
The band has formed late 2013 downtown Arusha, Tanzania, as part of musical movement project sponsored and organized by Swahili record label. Now recording their EPK album that carries songs like „Sina ndugu” (all alone), “ina sindimba” and “mdumange”. The band is active in the region and plays series of their own organized events MADE IN AFRICA. The band‘s rhythm is mellow percussions, drove by heavy bass and deep poets with either local and international influenced message. Popped up here and there with melodic trumpet, the message is to promote tradition and culture but still maintaining the times and position held by Africa to the rest of the world. The force behind the band is strong due to theprofile and experience of the members forming the band. Go to FanPage



Dj Paul is a journalist who had deep passion with music. Paul started as a rapper back in mid 90's, then when still in school he was a radio Dj. Futher more Paul was organising local parties and afterward working at promotion company. When finished with school he decided to study journalism. But his real passion was playing music. From radio to club he manage to earn his respect and recognation locally and national. Now playing in biggest interracial clubs in Arusha, he also teaches Dj and host a weekly workshops in our centre. Follow Dj Paul here.


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