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- Swahili Arts Center former known as ArushaMuzikCentre is one of its kind, located in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. We established this institution to mobilize artists from East Africa. In respect of distance between Hamburg Germany where our label is seated, we decided to start a production studio to record some talents around the region, but the studio was a get-away of musicians and artists of all kind. Hereby we provide artists with a stage, soundsystem, walls (griffiti/painters), courses, workshops, seminars, internet and information.

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- Swahili Dj Academy provides Dj classes, workshops, seminars as well as basic music theory classes. Each Saturday we operate a class of five (5) participants. Sundays are workshop days. The project is organised and host by DJ Paul one of leading Dj in Arusha. Time to time we invite Djs from outside Arusha and Tanzania for workshops and seminars as well. The Saturday classes are for the street children and others that can't afford to pay but have a deep passion with dj-aying.

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Swahili Music Academy

is a SHARE IS CARE project where we organize arts and music classes in public primary schools, institutions and in our centre. We organize volunteers, schools as well as grants for transportation for the volunteers to reach the schools and student’s equipments, such as music equipments, drawing paper, pencils, colors, brushes etc.  We also organize music, arts and language classes for individuals and tourists. Due to the facts that arts, music and culture have been abandoned in the area these classes are grassroots of recruiting youth back to culture. The language class for local Tanzanians is based on writing skills.

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Swahili Fashion Design

This project is for young girls and women who are facing huge problems in their daily  live. This project is known as Potential girls for Potential Mothers. We organize grants for materials and market for their ready-made products. Photos of our models and designs.Click here

Our activities includes:


- Traditional make up and Henna

- Modelling and Designing

- Hair styling.


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